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Hello And Welcome To The

Helicopter CLUB

We are based in the Dublin CTA (Control Area) and are Ireland’s only boutique helicopter company.


The Helicopter Club was born from a passion for flying and we believe it is a privilege to bring this joy to others.


The vision of our founder

Capt. Aidan Garvey

"Is to provide a safe, fun environment for those who wish to experience helicopter flight and make their dreams a reality"

Aidan has over 30 years of Aviation business experience both as a pilot and engineer.

This is his contribution to the wonderful world of helicopters.

The Helicopter Club’s key offerings are:

  • A strong culture in Flight Safety and Risk Assessment.

  • Bespoke ‘one on one’ flight and ground training.

  • Type Ratings, Renewals and Revalidations.

  • Maintenance for privately owned aircraft.

  • Aircraft management.

  • Aircraft Procurement.

  • Exclusive Helicopter Club membership and benefits for all aviators.

  • Club Insurance.


The Helicopter Club provides a safe, supportive setting to attain your Private Pilot Licence (Helicopters) PPL(H) which is the first step in your aviation profession or career.


We value our clients and offer an individualised service which we tailor to meet your most demanding expectations.

“Once you have tasted flight, You will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, For there you have been, And there, You will always long to return”

- Leonardo da Vinci -

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