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About Helicopter Club

We are an innovative forward thinking company who operate to the highest standards and are regulated by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)


The Helicopter Club was born from a life long passion for flight and the vision of creating a safe environment for individuals to pursue 'their' dream of flying.

In the belief that flying is one of life's great pleasures, we are here to offer a support network for fledgeling pilots to encourage, mentor and support them.

All too often newly licenced or low time pilots for one reason or another allow time to go by without remaining current; coupled with a lack of confidence this often results in medicals, flight reviews and motivation timing out, as a result, licences lapse and people may give up flying.

At the Helicopter Club, we set out to address this through mentorship and support for all aviators.


For those holding a licence that needs renewal or revalidation, or who have commenced their training and dropped out, or those new to the aviation world, The Helicopter Club is here to help.


“Ar scáth a chéile a maireann na daoine”

'We thrive in each others presence'


At The Helicopter Club, we believe in the importance for all our members and employees to understand and embrace our Vision, Mission and Values. Our commercial success is based on our reputation for maintaining the highest Safety and Quality standards possible.

Our Vision

To provide a safe, fun environment for those who wish to experience the wonderful world of helicopters.

“Ní neart go cur le chéile”

‘Our strength lies in unity’

Our Values

We promote a Safety First culture from the bottom-up and top-down within the Club.

It is expected that all members and stakeholders of The Helicopter Club will comply with our Values, which are best remembered by the acronym



  • Safety: Fostering a ‘Safety First’ culture at all levels.

  • Honesty: Straight talking and open communication between members.

  • Accountability: We deliver on our​ commitments.

  • Responsibility: We advocate a "No Blame" culture and promote acting                         professionally and reporting breaches.

  • Efficiency: Focusing on delivering members needs and expectations in a                  timely manner.

Staying Safe, looking out for one another and looking out for ourselves builds comradery and a solid sense of belonging within the Club.

Our Mission

The Helicopter Club mission is to encourage and foster:

'Safe Flight for All'

We will achieve this:


  • By building innovative and tailored partnerships with all our members.

  • With ongoing training and support.

  • Reviewing and disseminating Safety information.

  • By hosting Helicopter Club events.

  • By upholding a "No Blame" culture and learning from others experiences.

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