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The Helicopter Club is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for aircraft management. We pride ourselves in providing transparent ‘Turnkey’ solutions for all your aviation needs whether you are a novice or experienced aviator.

Here is what we do best:

  • Pilot Training: Type ratings, Renewals, Revalidation and Recurrency training.

  • Pilot’s provision: We have our finger on the pulse there too. If you own your own aircraft and require a pilot that is suitably experienced and rated on your helicopter type look no further.

  • Self Fly Hire. For pilots that have progressed through our Training Programme and passed our basic criteria.

  • Aircraft Procurement. Selecting and sourcing an aircraft to suit you. The Helicopter Club has a wide aviation network throughout the U.K., Europe, North America and Australasia. We are well respected within the industry and are capable negotiators to ensure the best deal for you.

  • Pre Purchase Inspections: If a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. The value of an aircraft is in the Engine and Airframe Logbooks, Component Log Cards and Maintenance records as well as the physical aircraft. To purchase an aircraft without due diligence is ill-advised. It is essential to have a pre-purchase inspection carried out by a Pilot and Engineer (or Pilot/Engineer) on your behalf.

  • Hangarage. We can negotiate effective storage of your aircraft in a location that suits you.

  • Club Insurance: We can offer discounted insurance to our eligible Club Members.

  • Aviation Fuel Supply: We can negotiate competitive fuel prices on your behalf through our 'Bulk Buy' scheme and have certified fuel storage supplied to a location that suits you.

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