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Introductory Flights

Helicopters are without doubt one of the most versatile and intriguing vehicles in the World.


Can you imagine the thrill of flying a helicopter by yourself?


Now it’s your turn to discover the unmatched thrill of flying in one of these impressive machines. This is a high octane adventure that should be ticked off everyone’s ‘to do‘ list.


Our team of Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) approved instructors are at hand to make your dreams become a reality.

Your experience starts with a meet and greet and a site induction, followed by a safety presentation which covers access, egress, airside etiquette, Safety and Emergency Procedures and the Do’s and Don’ts of the Helicopter World.

This is not just a thrilling experience, it is also an introductory flight that counts towards your flight training.

Your Flight Instructor will the give you a flying brief which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Safety and Emergency procedures, Escape drills, location and use of Emergency Equipment and Exits.

  • Cockpit Layout, Systems and Checklists.

  • Introduction to the helicopters Dual flight controls. The Cyclic. Collective, Throttle, and Yaw pedals, their function, operation and characteristics. Especially the sensitivity of the Cyclic.

  • The importance of maintaining external visual reference.

  • The seating position and how to hold the controls effectively.

  • Positive handover of controls.

  • Communication and the importance of positive handover of controls.

  • Brief of the route to be flown.

  • What to expect en-route.


Then you are ready to take your first flight which is for most the thrill of a lifetime and breathtaking experience.

This is not like a bungee or parachute jump, this is controlled flight on all three axes (roll, pitch & yaw) however the natural release of dopamine, cortisol and adrenaline are ever-present which gives the sensation of getting ‘High on Air’, a thrill that lasts long after the flight is over!


"Personally, I get an immense sense of satisfaction from sharing the exhilaration of flying a helicopter. It just never gets old!"

Capt. Aidan Garvey

On asking the new student how they are feeling on the way out to the aircraft, all too often the reply is:

'I’m a bit nervous'

Instructor’s response is often along the lines of:

'Let’s try to change your thinking on that.

Let’s substitute Nervous for Exhilarated'

It’s the same emotion just different mental labelling”

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