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At the Helicopter Club Maintenance Division we pride ourselves in our exacting standards and attention to detail. Here we empower private helicopter owners to manage, maintain and store their own aircraft.

Ensuring your aircraft is maintained to the highest standards of service and safety is an invaluable resource for private owner/operators. The Helicopter Club Maintenance Division maintain aircraft in accordance with EASA approved maintenance programmes and are regulated by the IAA. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers operate to exacting standards while delivering impeccable maintenance services.

We continually strive to exceed our customer's high expectations, this ensures that your valuable asset is maintained in premium condition for flight or always market-ready.

We have multiple suppliers throughout Ireland, the U.K. and Europe which ensures that your replacement parts have the quickest possible turnaround and are always competitively priced. We will also endeavour to support you with an alternative aircraft where possible to keep you flying while your helicopter is in for maintenance.

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